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- About Us -


     Your Next DJ was founded by husband and wife team, Erick and Jocelyn Mejia. Together, over almost a decade of serving the Central Florida Area, they have expanded their list of Premium Services to become a One Stop Shop for their clients. Working in unison with our own team of Entertainment / Photo & Video professionals, Your Next DJ developed into much welcomed relief to prosective clients looking to have an incredible event. Our goal and focus will always be, to make your event as fun, family friendly and Stress-Free as possible.


     Erick had a moment at age 10 where "Crowd Entertainment" would take a firm hold of him. This came at a older friend's Graduation Party where he publicly sang "Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be King" from Disney's Lion King. The fun and thrill of public performance would further continue well into High School where he enrolled in every possible Acting class, and further on to perform in several of Springstead High's school plays. Erick was so proud to have his first booking as a wedding DJ at the ripe age of 15, where he earned an amazing $50 for providing music and entertainment for a crowd of 150 guests at the Timber Pines Clubhouse in Spring Hill.


     Since that humble beginning, Erick and Jocelyn began to assist friends and family with their Special Events. Word spread, and now they are proud to extend their services to other happy couples and individuals looking for a night of fun, music and entertainment.  Now known as "Your Next DJ", Erick and Jocelyn are providing Mobile DJ Entertainment, Photo Booth & Photography services to the Central Florida area.


     We would be happy to arrange a time to meet with you and discuss the exciting details for your Special Event. If you feel like that we might be the perfect Company to perform at your upcoming event, you may Contact Us here. Our entire staff do recognize that you have always have a choice, and for that, we sincerely Thank You for your time and Consideration!!


     - Erick Mejia

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